High Point DUI Lawyer

The penalties for a DWI or DUI throughout the state of North Carolina are harsh and can affect your life far beyond a simple fine or night in jail. Loss of license is often a reality following a conviction, threatening your income and independence.

At Schoch & Schoch Attorneys At Law, we understand the strain you are facing. We have the experience you need and will stand against the charges on your behalf, calling into questions the tests, protocol and methods utilized in your arrest.

Greensboro DWI Attorneys — Examining the Evidence to Defend Your Rights

If you have been arrested for a DWI, we will investigate every aspect of the case in order to build the strongest possible defense for you. We will challenge the validity of the stop and of the field sobriety test, the accuracy of the breath or blood test (BAC), and the admissibility of every piece of evidence offered against you.

In addition to drunk driving defense, we are also experienced with handling DMV hearings, both pretrial (willful refusal) and post-conviction (petitions for reinstatement).

If your license has already been revoked as a result of a DWI conviction, we can assist you in seeking a restoration of license. Multiple and/or out-of-state convictions can complicate an already confusing maze of rules and regulations for driver's license restoration — let us be our lawyers guide.

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Each DWI case is distinctly different in the circumstances that led to an arrest. We provide free initial consultations to better understand the details of your situation and begin a defense that is positioned for success based on the facts. To arrange a complimentary consultation, please call us today at 336-822-9515.