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If you have been hurt or injured while on the job, it is important to contact an attorney skilled in employment-related injuries as soon as possible. At Schoch & Schoch Attorneys At Law, we understand the rigid timeline of paperwork, applications and documentation that must be provided. Our vast experience will skillfully guide you through the process, fighting for your right to compensation.

Many workers try to handle their workers' comp claims on their own and often do not receive the health care they need, nor the compensation they deserve.

Greensboro Work-Related Injury Attorneys — Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Our skilled lawyers understand the many traps of the system, and we are dedicated to helping you avoid the time-consuming red tape and denials that plague so many applicants. We understand your immediate need for this compensation and are dedicated to helping you receive it.

Many times the compensation carrier will attempt to underestimate your weekly average wage, affecting the benefits you will receive. You are entitled to compensation for both the type of hours you worked and the actual volume. It is important to have counsel early when establishing your rate of benefits.

Also, the compensation carrier may try to pick your doctor for you or tell you what type of carrier you must use. We understand the system and will fight to get you the treatment you need by the professional of your choice.

Injured While Working for a Small Company — Contact Us to Get the Benefits You Need

If you are hurt on the job while working for a small company, you may not be eligible for workers' compensation through traditional avenues. We can help you recover the damages you deserve. We will work to find alternate insurance coverage of the employer or company that can apply to cover your injury. These policies can range from building coverage to auto insurance or a stacking of multiple policies.

We will find the appropriate person to be held accountable for your pain and get you the claim you deserve and need to cover costly bills and recover.

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