Protect Your Rights If You Have Been Accused Of Assault

Assault charges can be intimidating to the person charged, especially when physical evidence is lacking. Often these cases turn on your word against the word of the alleged victim. It is important to get qualified legal counsel in your corner to help you build a defense against assault allegations.

At Schoch & Schoch our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to serving the needs of people facing charges in Guilford, Forsyth, Davidson, Randolph and Davie Counties. We understand the impact that an assault conviction can have on your life, which is why we work hard to dispute these charges and minimize the potential consequences.

An Assault Charge Does Not Require Physical Contact

Most people think that assault always involves physical violence of some sort. However, that is not true. The legal definition of assault merely involves causing another person to believe that he or she is in danger of bodily injury. This means that what in your eyes may have been just a heated argument is potentially a criminal act.

Whether you were involved in an altercation at a bar or have been accused of domestic assault, we help defend against felony and misdemeanor charges. Our lawyers will ensure that your rights remain protected every step of the way.

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